Rebecca Spour attended the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra’s performance at Roy Thomson Hall on Oct. 23, 2016. (NTD Television).

“It was just divine. There are no words that can describe it. It was absolutely breathtaking. It was inspiring. It was transcendent.”


“The soprano was fantastic, she was beautiful as well, and a really, really strong diaphragm. She was very strong. … she’s very technically on point, which is fantastic. She has wonderful breath control, wonderful range as well, very centre of the pitch. She’s really in the centre of the pitch which is important and I really enjoyed it.”


“It’s really just a calm feeling inside. You just pause for a moment and really connect to the music, connect on an enlightened level. You’re just very inside of the music. You stop thinking and you just feel it. It’s beautiful."


“When you just escape your mind for a moment and you have an experience with the sound, you stop thinking. Sometimes we’re always thinking but when you’re really inside of the piece you can just identify all of the emotion, and all of the heavens … it’s like a spiritual experience. It was really beautiful.”

Rebecca Spour , soprano
Roy Thomson Hall, Toronto, Canada
Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra
October 23, 2016

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