Sheila Kenjockety attended Shen Yun's last of four shows at Shea’s Performing Arts Center on May 7, 2017. “I just appreciate aesthetics and this really was a reflection of many years of hard training,” she said of the dancing. (NTD Television)

“It was lovely, every aspect of it. The dancing was wonderful, polished, professional. The costumes were delightful, the music was fantastic, and they told great stories. It was entertaining from start to finish.”


“It's obvious that these dancers are highly trained. They're very professional and even their facial expressions reflect their dancing and the emotion behind what they're doing. They work wonderfully with the props.”


“You felt like they were animating their history and animating their spiritual feelings about the history. You really felt the connection between the dancers, and the little touches of humor here and there really add another dimension, and make it more accessible to the viewer.”

Sheila Kenjockety, retired, communications and training
Shea's Performing Arts Center, Buffalo, N.Y., USA
Shen Yun Touring Company
May 7, 2017
History of Shen Yun

In 2006, Chinese artists who wanted to revive China’s authentic traditional culture and share it with the world established Shen Yun Performing Arts in New York. Shen Yun has since grown to five companies that tour the world, performing in over 150 theaters each year. 

Digital Animation

Shen Yun uses modern technology to make an ancient culture come alive as dancers appear to fly between the stage and the animated digital backdrop. Through its patented technology, Shen Yun brings the settings to the audience: heavenly kingdoms, undersea dominions, imperial palaces, the moon, Chinese landscapes, and more. ​


The Shen Yun Orchestra blends the sounds of East and West, with traditional Chinese instruments like the suona, gong, erhu, and pipa combined with violins, clarinets, flutes, and French horns. The Western orchestra serves as a foundation for the Chinese instruments, which carry the melody and also infuse the music with its distinctive flavor.  ​


Shen Yun dances feature a range of props that depict nature (for example, fans used to form flower petals) portray a character (such as a book for a scholar), or enhance the dancers’ grace (streaming ribbons or swirling hoops).  ​


Ancient Chinese culture was said to be divinely inspired. Its beliefs stemmed from the core value of harmony between heaven, earth, and humankind. Accordingly, the Chinese practiced self-cultivation and endeavored to live by principles such as justice, wisdom, propriety, and benevolence. Shen Yun reflects these ideas in its very name, which means the beauty of divine beings dancing.  ​

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